142 High Street West. SR1 1UN

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The Studio

A different take on your regular Yoga studio

The Sunderland Yoga Studio is the city’s only dedicated Yoga space . . .


The Yoga Studio is a unique and different take on what a Yoga studio should be.  Gone are the bright lights, white walls and multiple mirrors; replaced by candle light, dark, luxurious floor & walls and not a mirror in sight.  


You will be welcomed into a very relaxed, candle lit, atmospheric studio, with soothing music playing and burning scents,  instantly de-stressing you when you walk through the door.


There are a variety of different practices on the timetable from general Yoga to Hot Yoga or even Pregnancy Yoga. Each practice will leave you feeling well stretched out, completely relaxed and stress free.  Included in each practice is a period of well earned relaxtion time and to enhance your comfort and sense of calm, the studio offers comfy cushions, vibrant hammocks and cosy blankets.


"Yoga . . .  

                the science of you"



Studio News . . .


Welcome Yoga 5 week Courses - Courses starting January 2016.

Welcome Yoga 5 week course for beginners is availalbe to book now.



We are very excited to introduce two Yoga Teachers joining our yoga family.


Debs our Iyengar Yoga teacher and Grace our Love Yoga teacher, both will be teaching Welcome Yoga courses beginning January. Please see descriptions of their pracitces on the book online page.