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Sunderland Yoga Studio's Reviews . . .

"I attend the Just Yoga class on a Tuesday night. I work in an office and this class helps me to unwind some of the tension that builds up from being sat at a desk for most of the week.


The studio is a very pleasant place to practice - calming music helps to relax the mind and the atmosphere is very comfortable. The session begins with Sun Salutation followed by a range of standing poses before finishing with floor work. While the session targets the whole body, I have seen the most benefit in my lower back, hips and hamstrings.


Vicky is a very talented instructor who demonstrates each asana in a way that is easy to understand. She is always at hand to offer adjustments and cues to help improve performance and offers variations for those who wish to progress further or ease off a little. There is always an emphasis on going only as far as your body can manage - the class mentality is friendly and non-competitive.


Since joining the class my posture and flexibility have steadily improved and I can relax more easily. I would recommend the class, and yoga generally, to anyone regardless of age or fitness level."                                                   James Hammond


"Yoga . . .  

                the science of you"



Studio News . . .


Welcome Yoga 5 week Courses - Courses begins 1st November 2015.

Welcome Yoga 5 week course for beginners is availalbe to book now.


Sport Yoga

Whether you lift weights or run marathons, with all your training it is hard to fit stretching into your schedule. We offer a 45minute Sport Yoga class at Back to Basics on Leechmere Industrial Estate to prevent injuries and increase flexibility. join us on a Saturday at 9.15am



A Fitness Class for Mammies every Tuesday & Friday @9.30pm with a supervised play area. Please get in contact for more details, as this is held at Back to Basics Fitness Performance Centre on Leechmere Industrial Estate. A class combined of weights, cardio, yoga & a cuppa at the end.